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I, the site owner, and administrator, am here to disclose important information about  what to expect as an experience while visiting the site and as an active member of the site. Upon entering your email into one of the registration forms available throughout the site you will immediately be assigned a membership profile for "natural eccentricity".  Your profile is displayed on your "my account page" and the" list of members page". Your account profile is divided into several pages that show specific account activity. Each activity has a page. The member account pages format cannot be altered. However your personal account settings can be adjusted on the settings page. The complete list of member account pages can be found on the my account page profile page.

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You will receive regular emails as part of your registration. If you decide that you no longer want to receive emails but would like to continue your membership request by email addressed to  attn: Blogger 2020 to have your profile removed from the mailing list with an effective date. If no date is stated the next update will be the cutoff date for emails for your account. 

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Here is important information about the "shop amazon" pages and my role as an advertiser and not distributor for I am not authorized to solicit sales, request payment, or collect private information relevant to transactions associated with items advertised on my site for I am legally authorized  to advertise items relevant to the content published on my blog pages. As it is my choice to produce content closely related to all topics categorized by the term "wellness", including the topics of yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy, the items you see will be items that reflect those areas listed on the shop amazon pages. As the site progresses so will the range of topics and diversity of items. 

               Although I am authorized to use my site as a marketing tool, I assure you that none of your private information is disclosed to me directly or indirectly before or after activity with amazon. I will never be in contact with any of your private information including, but not limited to; contact information, billing information or personal preferences disclosed should you choose to follow up on the view of an item and purchase it later. If a transaction is committed, it will be directly with amazon and not myself. All of the items currently listed and all future listings are done with the assistance of amazon.

               All items listed on my site are available for viewing purposes only and cannot be selected for purchase. However, all items are available for viewing and purchase once you are directed to from my site. You will be directed to instantly once you select the "shop now" button and is completely disconnected from The ads on my site provide a brief product description, by selecting the shop now button you will be able to view an extended product description. You have not yet purchased anything and therefore is not responsible for the cost of any items.

              Here is a brief description of what to expect from the viewing process. Once the "shop now" button is selected for the purpose of viewing button you will be provided with a more extensive product description only available at Selecting an item will automatically disconnect you from my site. Confirm this by checking you browser's navigation bar for the current url or website.

               As a reminder I am not a distributor of therefore i am not physically in possession of any items listed on my site, and should not be expected to be responsible for transactions conducted with amazon.


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